Ferebee Corporation Charlotte, NC.



Ferebee Corporation specializes in the installation of aggregate stone base and asphalt paving on projects of all sizes and scale for both public and private customers in the Metro-Charlotte region.

for our customers is also a big part of our business.

"Due to the volume of traffic that the Mall has on a daily basis, it was critical that the schedule agreed upon be maintained throughout the project. In the bidding process, Ferebee Corporation submitted the most aggressive schedule and never fell short of meeting that schedule during the entire project. As for quality, the work speaks for itself."
- Carolina Mall
  • Appropriate and timely maintenance can extend the life of your parking lot.

  • Ferebee Corporation specializes in asphalt patching, resurfacing and total removal and reconstruction.

  • Because we manufacture our own asphalt, we have full control over our product and guarantee that our mixes will be consistent and available when we need to meet your specific schedule.

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